New computer courses starting in Term 4

New short courses

New short courses starting in Term 4 cover a wide range of interests. There are courses in

  • Windows 10 (also covering the upcoming Windows 11),
  • Photo editing,
  • Libre Office (a free alternative to Microsoft Office)
  • Android phones
  • iPhones (Apple phones) – in person at the Hub if restrictions allow, otherwise on Zoom.

All but the iPhone short course are on Zoom so you can learn in the comfort of your own home with the devices you are comfortable with. Read the details in the course booklet or view the list online.

Update your Zoom app

Keep your Zoom app up-to-date to ensure everyone gets the best experience. Whether you join Zoom sessions with your computer, tablet or smartphone, you are likely using an “app” for that. See the instructions on our website for how to update on all your devices.

Think you can’t join in on Zoom? Use your smartphone!

You don’t need a computer or a tablet to join a Zoom session – your smartphone is most likely capable and it is amazingly effective. Two sessions are being offered in the holiday break to get you started. Book in the usual way on the UMAS enrolment system or email and you’ll be sent information on how to join and a phone contact to talk you through it if needed.

Sessions are on Tuesday 21 September and a repeat on Tuesday 28 September – so get in fast!

Scams Awareness Week

For Scams Awareness Week in November there is a single session on “How to Spot a Scam”. This is planned to run face-to-face at the Hub and will show you how to identify scams and help keep you safe. If you use email or SMS messages then this is for you! Book in for Tuesday 9 November.

More questions?

Enrol in the Questions and Answers class and you can get answers. New members are welcome at any time and you can choose which sessions to attend based on the topics to be covered. You can view the list of topics covered so far on the Questions and Answers website page. If your topic has already been discussed, don’t worry – we are all happy to have a refresher!

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