Anyone for table tennis?

You may not know but we have been running a table tennis class for years at the Kilsyth Sports Centre with beginners as well as veterans made most welcome. In this article, Class Leader Colin Smith gives an insight into our fun ‘ping pong’ class.

Table Tennis … it’s a funny old name and as I view the ten tables we have at the Kilsyth Centre I often wonder why its called TABLE tennis or even TENNIS? Names are confusing. For example, try doing a web search to find table tennis bats in a sports store and you have to resort to ‘ping pong’!

The American name of Ping Pong does sound like something associated with the very young or the very old, but in reality it is much more descriptive of our sport. In fact, it is the sound the balls make when they are having the living daylights belted out of them.

Being out at Kilsyth has its advantages in lots of respects, mainly because we are not restricted to the same term times as at the Hub – and what a fantastic facility that is! We can play right through school holidays and other times, although Christmas day is a no-no!

We seem to have roughly equal numbers of men and ladies playing which is good insomuch as court time and opponents are varied. Morning tea is always lively with select discussion groups in a huddle away and we have a book swap to add to the ambience.

Members of the Table Tennis group

Weather and distance can play a part in attendance but with our stalwart group we can always get some very good games in.

Interested? Then why not come out and see us at the stadium in Liverpool Rd, Kilsyth (details on our Venues page). We start at 9.30am and play until 12.00pm.

Many thanks to class member Albert Tay for these photos of our class.

Colin Smith

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