Photography competition

U3A Network Victoria is launching a photography competition called ‘Show Us How You U3A’ to source images of U3A members being active and social, learning, teaching and having fun to use in their marketing and advertising campaigns.

Entries close on 29 April 2022.


Entries that meet the following criteria will be featured in a virtual gallery space on the U3A Network Victoria’s website and may be used in other digital or hardcopy communications:

  • Sufficient quality for digital reproduction
  • Show members being active or engaging in something fun or interesting and in groups or pairs to emphasise the sense of community at U3A
  • Use creative flair with interesting angles, backgrounds or close-ups of people using their hands
  • Highlight diversity and inclusion
  • The photographer and the subjects must provide a signed Photography Release Form that gives copyright to U3A Network Victoria. Click on this link to download the Photography Release Form.

How to upload your entries

  1. Mark your images with your name and U3A so the entry can be identified or save them into a folder that has your name and U3A on it
  2. Go to the U3A Network Victoria DropBox folder and upload your entries

Happy snapping!

So, focus your lens, put your creative hat on and get out there and show how you U3A. Remember – all those persons in a submitted image must sign the Photography Release Form to consent to the use of their image before you send it. You may submit as many images as you like and entries close on 29 April 2022.

For further information, email U3A Network Victoria at or go to their website.

Good luck and have fun!

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