How to download your vax certificate to your smartphone

Now that we need to show we are double-vaccinated, having your vaccination certificate on your smartphone allows you to show proof of vaccination easily.

In this article we’ll show you step-by-step how to do it.

Before you start

You’ll need to be prepared. (Click on a heading to open more detail.)

Make sure you:

have been double-vaccinated

Your vaccination provider will record your vaccination and the results will be available on your Medicare account. This may take up to 10 days to appear.

have a suitable smartphone

You’ll need either:

  • iPhone 5 or newer, running iOS 11 or newer
  • Android phone newer than 2015 and running Andriod 6.0 or newer

If you have an older phone you won’t be able to run the Service Victoria app and you will need to use other ways of showing your vaccination certificate.

have a myGov account, and be able to sign into it on your phone.

Setting up a myGov account can be tedious, but it only needs to be done once. You may find this easier to do on a computer where you have a larger screen and keyboard.

Be careful to note your password for myGov and keep it safe for the future!

See this video for instructions:

have linked Medicare to your myGov account

You may find this easier to do on a computer where you have a larger screen and keyboard.

See this video for instructions:

have the latest Service Victoria app update

To check, go to your phone’s App store and search for the  Service Victoria  app.

If there is an update you will be able to download that there.

Here’s how to do it

(Click on a heading to open more detail.)

Tip: If you are confident navigating your phone you can start at Step 2.

STEP 1. Open the  SERVICE VICTORIA   app on your smartphone

If you don’t yet have the app on your smartphone, download it from the app store for your phone (Apple App Store or Google Play).

– a. Click the Options button

The Options button is at the bottom of the screen to the left of the  Check-In   button

– b. Click ‘Certificates’ (top right of screen)

– c. Make sure your info is correct, if not, click ‘EDIT’ then correct and save

– d. If correct, click ‘Add certificate’

– e. Click ‘Add certificate via myGov’

– f. Your phone will open your web browser

STEP 2. In your web browser …

If you start at this step you may need to navigate to – if you’ve followed the steps above you should already be at the myGov login page. Now sign in to myGov.

– a. Sign in to myGov

– b. Enter code if needed

Depending on your myGov login settings, you may need to enter a code sent as a message to your phone or as an email.

– c. Click ‘Go to Medicare’ under Quick links

STEP 3. In Medicare …

You’ll now be in the Medicare website:

– a. Under ‘Proof of vaccinations’, click ‘View proof’

– b. Click ‘View history’

– c. Select yourself from list of family members on your Medicare Card

– d. Click ‘Share with check in app’

– e. Select ‘Service Victoria’ to share with

– f. Click ‘Accept and share’

Check that you are comfortable with the Terms and Conditions involved in sharing your certificate with the Service Victoria app. If you are, click the ‘Accept and share’ button.

– g. Click ‘Add certificate’

You’ll be taken to the Service Victoria app to finally add the certificate.

STEP 4. Test the process has worked – click   View certificate   in the Service Victoria app

Click the Options button to open the Certificates page, then click the ‘View certificate’ button.

Need more help?

Instructions in other languages and instructions for people without a Medicare account can be found at the Service Victoria page: Add COVID-19 digital certificate to Service Victoria app

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