May Forum will challenge how you view art

Our Four O’clock Forum on 25 May to be presented by Dr Keith MacDonald (PhD) will delight you and equally, he will challenge your ‘neural plasticity’ asking you to change your perspective on how you view a piece of art.

Dr Keith MacDonald

Keith MacDonald is an accomplished graphic designer, fine artist and businessman. He has a wide historical and philosophical knowledge of his subject. He asks the question: ‘Compared to figurative art does abstract art make more creative demands on you, the viewer?’

I am intrigued by his hypothesis that we have to work harder, cognitively, to understand abstract art. How often have we visited a gallery or seen a piece of art and dismissed it as ‘rubbish’ or ‘something a child could do’?

Don’t we all feel more comfortable or awe-struck viewing a recognisable Archibald portrait rather than asymmetrical sheets of metal, painted yellow and displayed in a public place?

A piece of art has many functions. Any picture, when considered for a moment, relies on several actions. It stops time, or edits and alters time if it is a moving picture. Space is flattened. Colours are not what we expect.

The psychological responses and understanding of both the maker (the artist) and the beholder (the viewer) are crucial to the way it will be understood. Dr MacDonald will explore the fact that it is ‘ideas’ that are the moving force that alters the human world. Many of you may think it is technology or economics.

In his illustrated discussion, Dr MacDonald makes the distinction between what we see and what we know. Of course we all know ‘what we like!’ But do we know why? Come and find out.

You can book online any time, Course Code 22AAFR04, or at the Reception Desk when you are at the Hub.

June MacDonald
Forum Co-ordinator

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