Enrolment Timeline 2021

Here are the key dates you need to know to participate in Summer School and enrol for classes in 2021.

Summer School

Classes visible – Monday 9 November
Enrolment opens – Monday 7 December
Summer School operates – Tuesday 12, Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 & Monday 18, Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 January

2021 Classes

Classes visible – Monday 14 December
Enrolment opens for CURRENT Members – Thursday 21 January
Enrolment opens for NEW Members – Wednesday 27 January

Current Members are financial for Summer School

As enrolment for 2021 is being delayed due to Covid-19, your current 2020 membership is being extended so that you do not need to pay your 2021 membership fee to attend Summer School in January.

Enrol online if you can

If you would like some assistance, we will be holding some online training sessions to show you how. These will be held nearer to enrolments opening and will be well publicised. Instructions will also be posted on our website u3anunawading.com.au/memberships.

Forgotten your member number or password?

If you have forgotten your member number please email courseadmin@u3anunawading.org.au.
If you have forgotten your password you can request a temporary one when you log into the member administration system (UMAS).