Community Support Register

Whitehorse Community Support Register is a joint initiative between the City of Whitehorse, Neighbourhood Watch and Victoria Police and operates out of the Box Hill Police Station.

The free program is run by accredited volunteers and designed to help seniors living in Whitehorse to feel safe and connected to their community.

Once on the register, participants receive regular phone calls from volunteers who check on their welfare.

What happens when I join the Register?

Your details will be entered into a confidential database, accessible by authorised personnel to obtain details of your emergency contacts such as next of kin or doctor.

You will be contacted by the Register’s Co-ordinator and receive a welcome pack including a card with your unique identification number. Carrying your card ensures that during an emergency your contacts can be called even if you are unable to communicate.

How does the Register work?

If requested by you, volunteers will contact you on a regular basis to check on how you are.

If a phone call and follow-up calls are not answered within a specified timeframe, your nominated emergency contact will be notified.

More information

To learn more about the Whitehorse Community Register:

Other municipalities

If you do not live in Whitehorse but are interested in joining a similar register, please contact your local Council.

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