The University of the Third Age (U3A) is an incorporated non-profit voluntary community organisation providing low-cost learning to older people to encourage them to stay active and engaged. There are no academic entry requirements for membership nor any assessments or examinations. The general aim is to provide lifelong learning, just for the love of it.

Membership of U3A Nunawading Inc. is open to people who are retired or semi-retired. Class Leaders come from the membership and share knowledge and skills freely. Courses range from a few hours to those which run all year and cover a wide range of interests from hobbies to practical skills such as learning how to use a computer.

Want to learn a language? History? Need to know more about your digital camera? All of our courses are tailormade for those who are retired and not wishing to venture into the more formal learning environments. Costs are very low and our members learn in a relaxed environment with other retirees.

Should you wish to become more involved, there are various voluntary roles that you can participate in, new friends to meet, and a companionable atmosphere for all. The organisation is run by a Committee of Management with help from other volunteers from within the membership.


The first Australian U3A commenced in 1984 and U3A Nunawading was established in 1990 to deliver learning programmes and activities to its members.

U3A Nunawading Inc. is an incorporated non-profit community organisation run entirely by volunteers with support from the City of Whitehorse and State Government.

The Third Age refers to the age of active retirement. It follows the Second Age of employment and parental responsibility. Our members are retired or semi-retired individuals wishing to pursue areas of personal interest. All classes and activities are delivered and administered by member volunteers.



U3A Nunawading Inc. supports positive ageing by meeting the needs of the retired and semi-retired members of its community for social interaction and learning opportunities.

The purposes of this wholly volunteer-based association are to:

1. provide and promote the benefits and enjoyment of lifelong learning programmes, opportunities and
    activities for its members;

2. encourage and enable third-age retired and semi-retired persons to share their knowledge, skills,
    interests and experience with each other within an environment of mutual co-operation and social

3. participate in local community programmes, advocating for, and celebrating, the capabilities and
    potential of mature-aged people and their value to society;

4. seek links with other U3A groups, particularly in the region, to co-operatively share knowledge and
    ideas; and

5. support U3A Network, including participating in its operations.



U3A Nunawading Inc. supports positive ageing by meeting the needs of the retired and semi-retired members of its community for learning opportunities and social interaction.



U3A Nunawading Inc. understands the importance of protecting its members right to privacy. The Committee of Management has prepared this notice to help you understand how we aim to protect the privacy of your personal information. Click here to view the Privacy Statement.



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