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When you select classes for 2022 make sure you check the details, time, venue and day, as there have been some changes from 2021.

You will find some new Course Codes. For example, Exercise classes are listed as 22EXEW, Exercise Walking. Languages are listed as LANC Chinese, 22LANF French, etc.

Remember you can only enrol in ONE of a parent code restricted class, for example, 22DANR or 22EXEMR.

New Classes 2022

22ART005: Art History and Appreciation 3 Thursday 10.00, Commences Term 2. This class will offer a series of presentations from the NGV Collection and will include visits as a follow up.

22ART036: Artworks Using Press Dried Flowers Wednesday 1.30. The Leader has held a number of solo exhibitions in Melbourne and various cities in China. The first class will be a demonstration class and you will receive instructions on the equipment you will need.

22DAN006: Ballroom Dance (Practice opportunities) Monday 10.45. A class for those who would like to brush up and improve their dance steps.

22DAN006: Rock n Roll Advanced Wednesday 2.15. This class is for those members who have been identified as advanced members of the Rock n Roll class.

22EXEW09: Marvellous Melbourne Wednesday 10.00 Monthly. Be a tourist in your own city. An opportunity for reasonably active people with a sense of curiosity to explore places of interest in and around Melbourne.

22HIS021: Jane Austen: Her life, times and work Tuesday 2.15, Weeks 1 & 3 of the Month. Want to engage with Jane’s juvenilia letters and novels whist at the same time explore her social and historical background.

22HUM017: Psychology, Sociology of Advertising Tuesday 9.30. Each week issues on how some ads are deceptive, exploitative or harmful. How should society deal with this? How do ads affect decision making? All this and more will be discussed and illustrated by a series of banned, funny, gross, amazing and banal ads. Terms 1 & 2

22HUM017: Tarot Beginners Tuesday 2.15. This class will introduce you to how to help increase your intuition and go on a personal development journey through the Tarot.

22MUS017: Jazz Improvisation Wednesday 11.15. Here is an opportunity for you to exercise your jazz improvisation skills. Interested? Give Rod Evans a call on 0412 434 376 to discuss if this might be the class for you.

22SCI005: Inventions that changed the world Tuesday 2.15. Interested in having a better understanding of the past, present and future of humankind? Maybe attending this class will help.

To be able to enrol of any of our face-to-face classes, you need to be double vaccinated.

Jean Birnie with her completed work ‘Regina’ Rhinoceros, designed by Hazel Blomkamp – single thread surface embroidery, up to four- layered single thread embroidery, and bead work. Started as a lockdown project, this beautiful work took Jean in excess of 300 hours to complete.

Welcome and thanks

We welcome new Leaders. Linda Wilkins, Jane Feng, David Bednall, Rod Evans, Glenn Claiden, Lyn Arnold, Chris Pollock, Veronica Gee, Liz Hooper, Maya Hirai, Marlene Coulthard, George Thompson. Thank you for sharing your skills with U3A Nunawading.

If you have been at the Hub recently, you will have noticed the lovely Christmas Tree in the main area. The decorations were made by Kitty Wong and members of the papercraft class. Thank you, Kitty and class members. It is great, to see some festivity around the Hub.

Thank you to the Leaders who continued to take their classes on Zoom during the lockdowns and some until the end of this term.

Thank you also to the Leaders who took up the challenge to have their last three classes face-to-face at the Hub and outside venues. It was so lovely to see smiling faces around.

Elsie Mutton OAM
Course Administrator

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