Course Administrator’s Report, Feb 2020

Elsie Mutton

Welcome to the 2020 U3A year. I hope you all got into at least some of the classes you enrolled in.

You may receive emails from Valerie Donlon, Ken Briscoe or myself regarding your classes. Valerie and Ken have joined the Course Admin team and can answer any questions you have about your enrolment.

Waitlists: A number of classes have waitlists, with as many members on the waitlist as accepted. Please do not attend a class if you are on the waitlist. If a place becomes available, you will be advised.

Badges: We are all expected to wear a name badge whilst at U3A Nunawading. Please make sure you have filled in the back of your badge with your emergency details.

Parking: We are aware that some members have had difficulty finding a parking space this term in the Silver Grove precinct. Because they are public car parks, many spaces are being taken up by motorists other than our own members, which means, unfortunately, you may need to park further away and walk. Please remember that the time limit for most of the area around our precinct is four hours. If you go over this time you will most probably get booked and there is nothing we can do for you. Check the signs carefully.

Safety: If you park in the top car park that faces the main Community Centre entrance, do not step across the chains. They are there for a safety purpose. If the grass is slightly damp, you may slip.

Time Management: You are expected to arrive on time and not leave early. If you make sure you have 15 minutes between classes, you will not have any problems. Members who continually come late or leave early may be asked to leave the class.

Confirm: If you go online and select a class don’t forget to “Confirm” your selection. If you don’t do this, you may find you do not get into the class.

Communication: If you wish to email an apology for a class, please use . Do not use . For any matters relating to the Course Admin area use . This email can also be used to notify us if you are going to be away for longer than three weeks. If you don’t notify us, you may find you have been deleted from your class/s.

Withdrawal: You cannot delete yourself from a class. This can only be done by the Course Admin team. Either fill in an orange form available from the office or email .

Live Learn Enjoy
Elsie Mutton OAM
Course Administrator