From the Course Admin team

After two stop-start years, it is great to have had an uninterrupted Term 1, where almost all classes operated face-to-face at the Hub and our off-site classes also had a clear run. We have a number of new classes starting in Term 2 and members who have not yet paid their membership fees should do so as soon as possible.

New classes commencing Term 2

To see the full description of the following classes, please click on the link in the course title. To enrol, login to UMAS:

22HUM004: Mindfulness Leader Bronwyn Roberts

This 8-week course combines mindful meditation practice with discussion on a range of evidence-based mindfulness concepts.

There will be four talks on how to age with optimal health and prevent common degenerative diseases.

22SCI004: Cosmology Leader Bruno Zielke

The first class will be an introduction to the scope of what the course will hold. Then follows a discussion of different ideas of how the universe came to be. There will be a section on what the universe is made of and the technology related to the exploration.

22HUM010: Numerology 2 Leader Ursula Kolecki

This is a repeat of what was covered in the Term 1 class. What is numerology? The science of numbers.

22EXEF10: Feldenkrais (Functional Mobility) Leader Vlad Solowiej

This class is based on the Feldenkrais Method – a form of neuromuscular re-education of our bodies.

This class will cover the differences from more traditional instruments such as Pianos, Organs, and the traditional Guitars to Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars and Amps and effects. Commences 6 May for 4 weeks.

22EXES03 Lawn Bowls Leader: John Blasetti

An entry level program for those interested in Lawn Bowls. Accredited coaches will introduce you to the game, from basics up to match play. The Club will provide all necessary equipment. Venue: Blackburn North Bowling Club

Please note that 22HUM024: Travel: Caravans, Motorhomes is not going ahead at this time.

Name badges

Please remember to wear you name badge at all times when you are at the Nunawading Hub. This helps identify you as a member of U3A by other members and City of Whitehorse staff.

Payment of membership fees

We still have a number of members who have not paid their 2022 membership fee. If you are one of these people, you will have received a reminder to pay. Please do so as soon as possible or you might find that you have been taken out of your classes and your membership suspended.

If you believe you have paid but your membership shows you are inactive (not paid) please advise Course Administration via email: or call into the U3A office with evidence of payment..

Live Learn Enjoy
Elsie Mutton OAM
Course Administrator