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Enrolments for next year

I do hope you have all been accepted into at least one class of your choice. If you have not, be assured we are working with our Leaders and room space to see if we can address this problem. You will be advised if there is a change in the status of your enrolment.

A large percentage of our classes have waitlists. If you have been accepted into a class but now know you will not be able to attend or attend regularly, please withdraw from the class to allow another member to take your place. You can email your request for a withdrawal to

Restricted Classes

If you have enrolled in more than one Restricted class in the same parent code you may find you have been deleted from one of them. They are Restricted because they are either very popular or operate at an advanced level. You may also have been contacted when you have enrolled in different levels of language classes. You cannot enrol in a beginners and a higher level class of the same language. Levels are there to ensure members of a class are all at the same standard.

Fee Payment

We have had a number of enquiries on when should you pay for your membership? Once you have been accepted into a class you must pay your membership fee before you attend your first class. You can pay online now with your PayPal account or credit card via PayPal, by direct debit or come in when the office reopens on 10 January.

Leaders’ Lunch

How fortunate we were to be able to hold our Leaders and Key Volunteers lunch at the Hub on Wednesday 8 December. Studios 1 & 2 were abuzz with 150 Leaders etc. catching up. I should also mention the assistance given to us by the City of Whitehorse staff, which helped make the afternoon most enjoyable.

Phil Bock OAM with his thank you gift

At this event we were sad to say goodbye to some of our Leaders who were in attendance:

  • David Gannon who has served U3A Nunawading for 25 years. David was a member of the Committee in the nineties and a Leader of two current affairs classes for around 20 years.
  • Ann Ruck has been with U3A for 20 years and is well known for her teaching in the French language and recruiting of new Leaders.
  • Dora Baschuk has been a member for a number of years, a teacher of the advanced Spanish class for 13 years and continued her teaching via Zoom in 2020 and 2021.
  • Phil Bock OAM took over from the first Leader of geology. This class has always had a strong membership and we are fortunate that as we say goodbye to Phil the co-leader Peter Jackson will make sure the class continues.

Leaders who have been with us for six years or less who are moving on due to Grandparenting duties, travel plans or taking a sabbatical and hopefully will return once rested are: Lily Sui Language Chinese, Jan Ralton Genealogy, Mel Green Military History, John Cutler Language Italian, Alice Jiew Golf, Chris Winterbine Dance Exercise, and Robyn Cox ESL Leader and Coordinator.

Unfortunately, the following Leaders were unable to attend and we thank them for sharing their skills with us: Alfiero Neri Italian for Travellers, Cynthia Rees Card Making, Lesley Sinfield Tai Chi, Peter Goodwin Language German, Graeme Davis Genealogy, Lily Van Ryswick and her assistant Margaret Curmi Walking.

A great big thank you to these members who have given of their time to share their skills with so many. If you were able to do the maths and average out the time given over many years, such as David who has given around 4000 hours face-to-face as a Leader without his time spent on preparation and on Committee, the volunteer hours would be extraordinary.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year,

Elsie Mutton OAM

The Legs Strength training  class at the end of their first outside walk up the 1000 Steps.

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