Zoom into a computer class in Term 1

Do you prefer to learn from home? Our face-to-face classes on Apple devices are full, but we have space in all our computer classes running on Zoom. Read on to see what’s available.

You might think it is too hard to do a computer class on Zoom when you are using your computer for the Zoom session, but there are ways to manage! Many members taking computer classes on Zoom prefer it to face-to-face classes, either because they don’t have to travel or because they can use their own equipment that they are familiar with.

If you’d like to try but not sure how to manage the session, send an email to and we can set up a session to work it through with you.

Computer classes available in Term 1 are:

Single sessions

  • Security Audit (1pm, Thursday 10 February)
  • Backup your computer (1pm, Thursday 31 March) on World Backup Day

These sessions line up with national and international calendar dates: Safer Internet Day and World Backup Day

Short courses

  • Libre Office (an alternative to Microsoft Office – Friday 9am for 9 weeks from Feb 11)
  • Android phones: Basics and beyond (Thursday 2pm for 9 weeks from Feb 10)
  • Genealogy Online (Wednesday 10am for 9 weeks from Feb 9)
  • Photo Editing (Tuesday 10am for 6 weeks from Feb 8)
  • Windows 10/11 Basics and Beyond (Friday 10am for 9 weeks from Feb 11)

Ongoing course – join anytime

  • Questions and Answers (Thursday 1pm weekly all year)

Enrol online anytime

Just login to the Member enrolment system (UMAS), find the course(s) you want, add them to your cart and check out.

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