Enrolment for 2022

Enrolment for next year’s classes, including Summer School, will open for 2021 members on Monday 29 November. Enrolment for all others will open on Wednesday 1 December.

All courses will be visible on our website from 15 November but you will not be able to enrol until the relevant date above.

2022 fees

The 2022 Membership Fee for current financial members will be $50. The 2022 Membership Fee for new members and previous members who were not financial this year will be $60.

Summer School

Summer School will run from Tuesday 11 January to Thursday 20 January except for an excursion, which will run on the 21st.

Attendance at Summer School classes is free for 2022 financial members. The only additional cost would be for materials or entry tickets and will be clearly outlined in the course details.

Help for online enrolment

Webinars on How to Enrol Online will be held on 18 and 23 November and details of how to join these sessions will be included in our next Update.

Key Dates to remember

  • 15 November – 2022 classes and the Summer School program visible on our website
  • 18 and 23 November – How to Enrol Online Seminars
  • 29 November – Enrolment for 2021 members opens
  • 1 December – Enrolment for all others will open
  • 11 to 20 January – Summer School
  • 7 February – Term 1 begins

* Red text indicates a change from the initially published date.

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